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Why Us

Our Services Offering Separates Us From The Rest

We are quality enablers to entrepreneur clients ensuring solutions that provide clients’ projects and purchase orders on time, within budget through assisted negotiations, whilst ensuring the quality of the scope of project and purchase order needs.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management thus saving time for clients to accelerate growth and focus on their core business models.

Contract and Purchase Order Facilities of up to R1, 5million


Umnotho uses initiatives that aim to raise new funding sourcing for development, and optimizing the use of traditional funding sources…
Among our vast services, we offer the following:
adequate bridging loan facilities as working capital to be used for your working capital needs such as paying your workforce;
material for your projects needs on credit;
procurement management and negotiation;
strategic and legal advisory;
performance guarantees and;
construction insurances where they are required.

Professional Services

Professional Services with strict project assistance qualification criteria aimed at directly benefitting the client, by investigating clients’ needs and challenges then offering apposite, personalised solutions based on same needs..